A boost of energy to your epidermis! A photofacial treatment is an intense pulsed light used to penetrate your skin on the deepest levels causing your body to produce new collagen and connective tissue, creating healthier and smoother skin.  The procedure is non-evasive and the lasers are safe for the face, hands, or any other body area.

Recommended for:

  • Rosacea
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Large pores
  • Age spots
  • Facial veins
  • Wrinkles

Our Foto Facial Skin rejuvenation laser treatment can reduce signs of aging, whether the damage is caused by the sun, chronological aging, moisture loss, or over-used facial expressions. The use of targeted pulse laser light and radio frequency called ELOS (Electro-optical synergy) technology can help you reclaim your skin’s youth and beauty. The laser treatment can remove facial skin irregularities by stimulating the production of your own collagen, resulting in smoother clearer skin and a more youthful appearance.

The main advantage of Foto Facial treatments is that the procedure is non-invasive. No needles, no incision. This means no lost time from work or leisure activities. Treatments take about a half hour per session and are virtually painless. Optimum conditions for treatment are skin that is untanned, followed by adequate sun protection. As always, results vary with each individual, but after an average of two sessions, you can look forward to visible improvement.

Calgary Laser Health & Beauty Centre IPL Technology is used for a wide range of treatments including improving the appearance of photoaged skin, removal of age spots, most benign brown pigments, redness caused by broken capillaries, and giving the skin a smoother and more even tone. IPL Skin Treatments using Photorejuvenation help restore a more youthful appearance without the worry of any downtime. This procedure has been recognized for its high patient satisfaction in treating the full face, neck, chest and hands.

The Procedure – Typically, patients will need between 3 – 5 treatments, each taking just 15 to 30 minutes. You may opt for a topical anesthetic. After only one treatment, your skin will have a more even tone with a smoother look and feel. Sunspots will fade. Pore sizes will shrink. Fine lines and wrinkles will gradually decrease in size. Patients with Rosacea will see a progressive decrease in redness. These improvements will steadily increase with each treatment.