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Safe and Germ Free

Ozone Air Disinfection

We run Industrial grade OZONE AIR disinfectant daily. This means the air and surfaces are free from contaminants. We also wear medical grade facial masks while providing care, and adhere to strict disinfectant protocols overall.

pink breathe neon sign
pink breathe neon sign

What can we do?

Mole removal specialist

Tattoo removal

Remove wrinkles & acne scars

Skin resurfacing

Remove cold sores & herpes flare-ups

Repair scars from surgical stitches

Cold laser pain relief

Vaginal tightening

Hair removal

Remove aging spots

Toe fungus removal

Abdominal tightening

Teeth whitening

Help quit smoking

Fat removal / weight loss

and more...

Massage Therapy: Your Path to Relaxation

From deep tissue massage to hot stone, Swedish, sports, and foot massage / foot reflexology, our expert therapists offer a range of options to soothe your body and mind. Embark on a journey of ultimate rejuvenation and well-being by booking your session today.

man lying on bed
man lying on bed
person holding woman nose
person holding woman nose
persons hand on persons lap
persons hand on persons lap
"I am thrilled to offer this testimonial because after being turned away by multiple practitioners, I was skeptical of this quaint little clinic even after being referred by one of my clients. Now I can't even see where my mole was and I often wonder how I lived with it for so long. It was painfully sensitive and rubbed against my bra strap my whole life! Tony is an expert technician and his partner Dr. Sourang is an absolute sweetheart! Thank-you again!

Anne of Contours Hair Design

Enjoy the new you.