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CLH's Oxygen Facial has a hyperbaric oxygen tech to that infuses a gel filled with vitamins and antioxidants into the skin. This revives the skin in a noticeable way. Call or book today!

How to prepare for Your Oxygen Facial

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Oxygen Facial FAQ
What is an oxygen facial and how does it work?

Oxygen facials increase oxygen levels in the skin. This leads to increased blood circulation and regeneration of skin cells. Using facial oxygen to oxidize your skin cells can make it look healthier and brighter. What to do before oxygen therapy?

Are there any side effects to oxygen facial?

No painful side effects This procedure is very gentle on the skin and does not cause side effects such as irritation, redness, swelling, stinging and burning. It is suitable for people with sensitive skin and for those who want to avoid chemical cosmetic procedures.

How do oxygen facials affect your skin?

This is the final step of massaging your skin with lotions and creams that nourish and seal it so that the treatment effect lasts longer. Special creams with oxygen infusion are used for massage, cleansing, exfoliating and exfoliating the skin. It is now clear why everyone in the world of brilliance swears by the face of oxygen.

Are oxygen facials insured?

An oxygen facial is usually not covered by insurance as it is a cosmetic procedure. However, if you have certain skin conditions, your doctor may cover facials if they are viewed as skin treatments. Where can I find a spa that does oxygen treatments for the face?

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“The technician (Tony) was very courteous and professional - he explained exactly what he was doing and how the laser worked and, also, gave me a tour with a description of the function of each laser machine."

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"I was very pleased with your professionalism and the cleanliness of your equipment and salon. I also appreciated how you explained everything to me and the purpose of both of the lasers you used. A very positive experience! Thanks!"

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