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How to Prepare for Microdermabrasion

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Microdermabrasion FAQ
What is microdermabrasion (MDA)?

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive superficial exfoliation treatment that removes the top layer of dead skin cells (horn layer). The two methods of microdermabrasion are crystal and diamond tips.

What happens to your skin after a microdermabrasion treatment?

Some patients notice immediately after treatment that their skin feels tight, as if the skin has been exposed to the sun or wind. Depending on the skin type, the skin may be slightly dry. After treatment, an effective moisturizer is applied to prevent dryness of the skin.

How Much Does a Microdermabrasion Procedure Cost?

Discounts available at our downtown location. Microdermabrasion is quite affordable and much less expensive than other skin rejuvenation procedures such as dermabrasion or laser scrubbing, which can cost around $2,500.

How old are you to get microdermabrasion on your face?

While there is no specific age or gender limit, children over the age of 12 to adults over the age of 65 can usually experience microdermabrasion. While there is no maximum age limit, mature skin over 70 may have a slightly higher risk of bruising and abrasion.

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“The technician (Tony) was very courteous and professional - he explained exactly what he was doing and how the laser worked and, also, gave me a tour with a description of the function of each laser machine."

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"I was very pleased with your professionalism and the cleanliness of your equipment and salon. I also appreciated how you explained everything to me and the purpose of both of the lasers you used. A very positive experience! Thanks!"

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