Carboxy Therapy

CLH's carboxy therapy increases blood flow, eliminates fat cells and tightens the skin via simple injection. Call or book today for more info on your custom treatment!

How to Prepare for Your Carboxy Therapy

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Carboxy Therapy FAQ
What is carboxy therapy?

Carboxy therapy is used to treat dark circles under the eyes, stretch marks, reduce cellulite, and build fat on the face and body without surgery. Which areas of the body can be treated with carboxy therapy? Carboxy therapy can be used to treat the eyelids, face, neck, arms, stomach, buttocks and legs.

How is carboxy therapy used to treat fat loss?

Carboxytherapy, or carbon dioxide therapy, is a non-surgical treatment used to remove fat and various skin problems and conditions. During the treatment, carbon dioxide (CO2) is injected into the skin or applied with an oxygen and CO2LIFT face mask. How does carboxytherapy work?

How long does a carboxy therapy treatment last on average?

Carbon dioxide is also injected directly into the blood by an invasive cardiologist for certain diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. How long does a typical treatment session last? The average carboxytherapy treatment lasts about fifteen to thirty minutes.

Are there any known risks associated with carboxy therapy?

Plants absorb carbon dioxide and in turn provide us with the oxygen we need. There are no known risks associated with carboxy therapy. Carbon dioxide injection. Carboxy therapy - Mechanics Carbon dioxide is present in our bodies all the time. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

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